Thursday, April 9, 2009

In love

"All for love, the Savior prayed, Abba Father have Your way. Though they know not what they do, let the cross draw man to You." - Hillsong

It's good Friday, and I wanted to take a moment and offer admiration to the One true God, Jesus Christ. This morning I have been pondering His life, what it meant, what He taught, who bought it, who didn't... then I began to think of all of the great worship songs I love to listen to, and all of the years past I have heard powerful hymns, all inspired by this man, this man Who changed all of reality.

Did you know there's not another person who's ever lived that has inspired more artists, writers, theologians, philosophers, scientists, mothers, fathers, daughter, brothers, and countless others than this man, this Jesus?

There's something ABOUT the Gospel - seriously. There's something about this story that changes you forever. We are all desperately seeking love, acceptance and belonging - we feel we may die if we are lacking, you know it's true. And wrapped up in one man, is the wellspring of every single human need... every single one.

More than that though, this man Who came with all the answers to our brokenness, all the answers to our insecurities, the answer to our suffering - this man who healed us, He layed down His life, so that we might truly live. Can you believe it? Someone has actually died for you, and not just anyone, the One Who made you.

"Search your heart, you know you can't deny it. Come on, lose your life, just so you can find it. The Father gave His only Son, just to save us...

The earth was shaken in the dark. All creation felt the Father's broken heart. Tears were filling heaven's eyes. The day the True Love died, the day the True Love died.

When blood and water hit the ground, walls we couldn't move came crashing down. We were free and made alive, the day the True Love died, the day the True Love died.

But Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive. Jesus is alive, OH HE IS ALIVE!" - Phil Wickham

I am in love with this man. How could I not be. He makes sense of who I am, and He moves mountains in even the most unlikely people. He is Who He says He is, and He is alive.

All praise to the One True God, Jesus Christ,


Holly said...

Ok - I did NOT write this on Good Friday, but was definitely in that "mindset", please have mercy :) haha!

Felicia said...

Oh praise the One who died for me!

jayegirl said...

Love ya Holly!

Joe in Camarillo said...

Hi Holly,
Tell us more about your work. What's the position? What do you do? More detail about Texarkana too please?

Looking forward to hearing from you.......more often. :-) (teasing)

Take care